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Former provincial official imprisoned for bribery.  Zhang Wenxiong, former head of the publicity department of the Communist Party of China Hunan provincial committee, was sentenced to 15 years in prison and fined 2 million yuan for taking bribes and holding a huge amount of property with unidentified sources.



Corporate Liability for Corruption in India: Some Notes on Reform (Blog).  “The penalties for corporations that commit corrupt acts need to be stronger and more certain, but at the same time the agencies responsible for prosecuting corporate corruption cases need to be much clearer – both to their own employees and to potential defendants – about when a corporation has made sufficient efforts to prevent corruption that it should escape punishment even when it could technically be held liable.”

Abhinav Sekhri/The Global Anticorruption Blog:


Amid corruption scandal, Malaysia switches track on future of rail network.  “Public transit programs in the Kuala Lumpur region made significant gains under Najib, but revelations about the nexus of infrastructure projects and corruption [left] the future of rail development in question.”

Keith Schneider/Mongabay:

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