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Stamping out corruption in the maritime sector.  “[International Chamber of Shipping] is hoping the current developments will result in [International Maritime Organization] IMO     guidelines or an inclusive IMO Code of Best Practice to implement and embrace anti-corruption practices and procedures. It notes: "Any such action would align IMO regulations and requirements for the maritime industry with the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC)…”

David Hughes/Singapore Law Watch:

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Politics, corruption are biggest problems: Poll.  A poll asked what is worst about Thailand, 52.22% cited politics, the behaviour of politicians and corruption; 25.80% the lack of democracy and freedom; 19.82% the poor economy; 19.18% the lack of unity; and 15.34% air pollution, garbage and traffic conditions. (Wealth inequality did not appear to have been offered as a possible answer choice in the poll.)

Bangkok Post:


Private Sector Advisory Group Report.  Learn more about UNDP’s “Promoting a Fair Business Environment in ASEAN” project Private Sector Advisory Group, their discussion and vision on business integrity and responsible business conduct by clicking below.


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