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Discourse: Corruption endangers, hijacks our democracy: KPK spokesman.  “Through our internal discussions, involving experts, and from the cases handled by the KPK, it has been confirmed that the oligarchy is the culprit that hijacks our democracy, although not all of the cases can be uncovered and be prosecuted as corruption cases.”

The Jakarta Post:


IMO Sets New Anti-Corruption Agenda.  The decision to include an anti-corruption agenda came at the latest meeting of the [International Maritime Organization’s] Facilitation Committee in response to a submission from Liberia, Marshall Islands, Norway, United Kingdom, United States and Vanuatu; the IMO will now work on a guidance document to address maritime corruption, expected to be completed by 2021.

The Maritime Executive:


Transparency from charities about how funds are used builds trust and increases giving.  "Our results indicate that individuals and humanitarian organizations willing to start crowdfunding campaigns benefit from transparency," the researchers said. "As updates have a positive effect on donations, organizations can increase funding by keeping donors informed on a regular basis about the campaign's progress."

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