India RTI lessons / Transparency initiatives direction / Corporate tax transparency

Fiscal Futures: When the people demand transparency for accountability (Blog).  “India provides an outstanding example of how social movements have creatively and effectively used the People’s Right to Information (RTI) to enforce a form of fiscal accountability that demonstrably connects allocations, expenditure, and policy with people and their priorities.”

Nikhil Dey/International Budget Partnership:


Transparency: From revolution to evolution (Blog).  “Taking this next step – starting with problems, engaging with political economy dynamics, taking incentives seriously, and considering whether and how a richer informational environment can support the emergence of winning coalitions for reform – has the potential to transform not only the transparency and accountability agenda, but the wider anti-corruption and governance agendas.”

Alan Hudson/Global Integrity:


Why Even Investment Funds Want More Corporate Tax Transparency (Analysis).  “Investment fund managers know that the lack of tax transparency from multinationals often disguises underlying business failures. While it might help deliver executive bonuses, it exposes investors to unforeseen risks and may hide profits that should be returned as dividends.”

Daniel Bertossa/Common Dreams:

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