Sexual corruption index / India clean up

COMMENTARY: Measurement Brings Action - The Need for a Global Sexual Corruption Index. "[Despite increasing recognition that] sexual corruption is indeed corruption—the abuse of public power for private gain—the major international indexes used to measure corruption, such as TI’s corruption perception index (CPI) (and the underlying studies used to generate the CPI), focus overwhelmingly on material corruption—principally monetary bribery and embezzlement—not the abuse of public power to extort sexual favors from victims.

Read the commentary by Sarah Gitlin, in the Global Anticorruption Blog.

INFO: Can technology cut corruption in India? In 2015 India ranked 76th in TI's Corruption Perception Index, which is still a long way to go, but might adapting more technology be helping India to slowly clean up its act as well as its image?

Watch the video report by Shilpa Kannan, in the BBC:

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