Singapore company safeguards / Australia corruption cost / UN big data initiatives

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Safeguarding your company against corporate corruption overseas (commentary).  "In a bid to keep bribery at bay, Singapore companies need to reassess three key areas - corporate culture, standard operating procedures and environment scanning."

Tan Chong Huat & Billy Huang/The Business Times:

Rising corruption costs Australia up to 4% of GDP, says think tank.  Australia's slide down a global corruption ranking has cut the size of its economy by up to AUD$72.3bn (US$57bn), a Canberra think-tank has claimed.

Liz Heron/Global Government Forum:

A series of initiatives from the United Nations to enhance use of big data for driving sustainable development.  The initiatives include a data literacy platform, a proposal for a 12-point plan on privacy and governance issues, a mapping software for monitoring progress on the SDGs and endorsement of a Federated system of open SDG Data Hubs.

Priyankar Bhunia/OpenGov:

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