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We Need To Talk About Donors (commentary).  "When it comes to corruption, international donors easily become part of the problem."

Mark Pyman, Senior Fellow at the London Institute for Statecraft, and former Commissioner of the Afghanistan Joint Independent Anti-Corruption Monitoring and Evaluation Committee/Global Anticorruption Blog:

Assessing Corruption Assessments: TI's National Integrity System (commentary).  "No matter the starting point, my sense is that many assessment methods have evolved into little more than compliance checklists (as they have with money laundering assessments)."

Rick Messick/Global Anticorruption Blog:

Do Mandatory Asset Declarations Reduce Corruption? And If So, How? (commentary).  "If we can assess not only the direct impact of asset declarations on corruption but also their role in forming norms that foster honest behavior among public officials, then we can have a clearer and more complete account of the effectiveness of asset declarations."

Ryan Balisacan/Global Anticorruption Blog:

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