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Netflix documentary series 'Rotten', 'Dirty Money' tackle food, corporate corruption.  Having tackled the topics of corruption and injustice through critically acclaimed documentaries like 13th, The Keepers and Making a Murderer, Netflix is setting its sights on the corporate world and global food production. 
Ray Flook/Bleeding Cool:

Suspicious Transaction Reports Up at Macau Casinos.  Casinos are required to report such activity to the Financial Intelligence Office if the "natural, complexity, [or] the amount involved…indicates any activities of money laundering or terrorist financing."
Kevin Horridge/

South Korea prosecutors demand 25 years jail for ex-president's friend in corruption scandal.  Choi Soon-sil is accused of colluding with Park Guen-hye to extort millions of dollars from conglomerates, and using her connection with the president to meddle in state affairs
Agence France Presse/South China Morning Post:

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