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Thai anti-corruption agency issues Guidelines on Appropriate Internal Control Measures for Juristic Persons. Issued 15 December 2017, these guidelines by the National Anti-Corruption Commission of Thailand (NACC) set out the fundamental elements of what constitute effective internal control by a juristic person to prevent its employees and its associated persons from bribing public officials and are produced as part of a wider effort by the NACC to tackle the supply side of corruption.

The Government Gazette in Thai:

The Guidelines in English:

Thank you to Ms. Orawan Phuwatharadol, International Affairs Officer, Bureau of International Affairs, Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) of the Kingdom of Thailand, for sharing this information.

Settling Prosecutions for Corruption: Developing Nations' Issues (opinion).  "Developing nations, the World Bank/UNODC's StAR Program, and civil society groups say many of these settlements have let corporate bribe payers off too easy."

Rick Messick/Global Anticorruption Blog:

Corruption in Banks: TI Bangladesh calls for forming expert committee.  Transparency International Bangladesh has called for formation of an expert committee to combat irregularities, corruption and risks in the banking sector.

The Daily Star:

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