India mobile pay / Indonesia corporate targets / Iran customs reform

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To Cash or Not to Cash: The Future of Mobile Pay in India (opinion).  "Analysis has revealed that only 6% of illegal wealth is stored in cash, and there are countless ways to convert black money into legal holdings, including investment in real estate, foreign accounts, and gold."

Annie Lehman-Ludwig/Brown Political Review:

Indonesia anti-graft agency targets corporations.  A recent ruling by the Jakarta Corruption Court has brought corporations into the spotlight of corruption eradication campaigns in Indonesia, uncovering a long-buried fact that companies have benefitted the most from graft.

Kharishar Kahfi/The Jakarta Post:

Iran moves to stamp out corruption opportunities in customs (opinion). "Many observers agree that, similar to other state organizations, Iran's customs dealings have suffered as a result of ambiguous laws, lack of transparency, institutional inefficiency and petty corruption."

Bijan Khajehpour/Al-Monitor:

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