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Four myths about corruption (opinion).  " Like any insidious disease, corruption presents multiple myths or red herrings to obfuscate its source and elude attempts to cure it."
Bo Rothstein, Professor of Government and Public Policy, University of Gothenburg/World Economic Forum:

Fake News: An Emerging Threat to Anticorruption Activists (opinion).  "Anti-anti-corruption forces are beginning to deploy the "fake news" tactics that garnered so much attention in recent elections, especially though not exclusively in the United States."
Shanil Wijesinha/Global Anticorruption Blog:

Stopping Dirty Money: The Global Effective-O-Meter.  Since 2014, a global anti-money laundering body called the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has been assessing whether countries' measures to stop dirty money are actually working in practice – whether they are effective – in addition to the extent to which laws are in place on paper.
Transparency International:

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