Global sextortion / Blockchain solution / Hurting the poor

Beyond Harvey Weinstein: Sextortion Around the Globe (commentary).  Sextortion – the demand for sexual favors by powerful men – is especially prevalent in poor countries and the least investigated form of corruption in the world.
Frank Vogl, founder, Transparency International/The Globalist:

Blockchain can help solve Southeast Asia's corruption woes.  "Observers say the next five years looks to be promising [in Asia's anti-corruption effort], aided by the widespread adoption of blockchain."
A. Azim Idris/TechWire Asia:

Anti-corruption policies are hurting the world's poorest; here's how to make them better (opinion).  "Our fear of the threat or perception of corruption drives responses that are detrimental to aid effectiveness and, consequently, hurt the world's poorest people."
Charles Kenny/Devex:

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