Iran FOI portal / Afghanistan public procurement / Corruption studies available

Iran Launches Portal to Promote Freedom of Information.  In an effort to increase transparency and promote Freedom of Information (FOI) in the Islamic Republic, the Iranian government has officially launched a portal that provides people with free access to the information of state institutions.

How Afghanistan’s Public Procurement Reform Is Changing.  What has changed, what has achieved and whose benefits are at stake?

Asian Education and Development Studies special issue on corruption available online.  Guest-edited by Dr. Jon S.T. Quah, this special issue consists of five case studies on how Botswana, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Rwanda and Singapore have combated corruption and a comparative article written by Dr. Quah.
Please note that access to this special issue is by subscription or payment of a fee for the articles requested:

Thank you to Dr. Jon S.T. Quah for sharing this information.

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