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India anti-corruption agency can now probe corruption cases in private sector banks.  The Reserve Bank of India has given the Central Vigilance Commission approval to probe allegations of corruption in private sector banks and against their employees.

The Disease of Corruption: How Distrust in Corrupt Governments Impacts Emergency Health Delivery (commentary).  "Corruption creates a loss of confidence in government and public services. This loss of confidence promotes dishonest practices in people’s interactions with government, and also causes many people to turn to informal means to obtain even basic services, especially healthcare. Not surprisingly this results in people not receiving proper care, and may even lead to otherwise avoidable deaths."

Thai anti-graft agency wants lifetime ban for graft suspects.  The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) is seeking legal amendments to more strictly punish local political office-holders found guilty of corruption, including a proposed lifelong ban from politics.

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