Indonesia KPK selection / LGBTI rights connection / Viet Nam activist jailed

Anticorruption campaigners call for Jokowi to intervene in KPK race.  “Apart from the controversial figures vying for the KPK’s top posts, constitutional law expert Feri Amsari of Andalas University in West Sumatra also criticized the selection team’s decision not to include wealth reports (LHKPN) as a requirement in the selection process, adding that the President would be responsible if the KPK failed to operate effectively.”

The Jakarta Post:  


LGBTI+ Rights and Corruption: What’s the Connection? (Blog).  “Reduction of extortion risks and economic losses through the inclusion of LGBTI+ people are businesses’ chance to effectively match moral commitments with financial interests by engaging more stakeholders, which is CIPE’s specialty.”

James Reston/Center for International Private Enterprise


Vietnam anti-corruption activist gets 30 months in jail.  Activist Ha Van Nam was sentenced for inciting drivers to repeatedly block a highway toll station in Bac Ninh province to protest against newly applied fees that Nam considered to be unfair for local residents.

ABC News: 

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