China companies crackdown / Philippines gifts-bribery remark / Afghanistan ghost soldiers

Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent’s war on corruption.  “[China’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection], despite its interest in using tech company corruption cases to promote its anti-graft message, does not have jurisdiction over these tech giants, which are predominantly private business.”

Luna Lin/KrAsia:


Palace on Duterte’s ‘gifts-not bribery’ remark: Abogado ang Pangulo.  “Citing Republic Act 3019, [the Philippines Presidential Spokesperson] Panelo clarified that the anti-graft provisions do not apply to “unsolicited gifts or presents of small or insignificant value offered or given as a mere ordinary token of gratitude or friendship according to local customs or usage.”

Prince Golez/Politiko:


Afghanistan Loses 42,000 Troops in Crackdown on 'Ghost Soldiers'.  “the number of Afghan troops and police on the books fell significantly, the report [from the Office of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction] found, likely the result of the elimination of so-called "ghost" soldiers from the records…Previous SIGAR reports have cited the practice by corrupt Afghan commanders of listing non-existent troops or police on their rosters to draw their salaries, which are paid by the U.S.”

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