Thailand 'ghost' students / Chinese bribery abroad / CPI for business

School probe on 'ghost' claims begins.  The Office of Anti-Corruption in Public for Area 3 found there are between five and 38 ghost students in these schools, but at Kham Sakae Saeng School in Nakhon Ratchasima (northeastern part of Thailand), the number rose to 196 students.

King-oua Laohong/Bangkok Post:


Chinese Officials Arrested for Bribery Amid Kenya’s SGR Corruption Inquiry.  Kenyan authorities have arrested seven officials with the China Road and Bridge Corporation (three Chinese nationals and four Kenyan) for bribing investigators looking into corruption tied to the Standard Gauge Railway; this marks the first time Chinese officials have faced charges linked to the railway controversial railway project.

Salem Solomon/VoA:


Should the Corruption Perceptions Index be Used as an Indicator of Business Risks? (Blog).  “Actual corruption levels might differ from the one indicated by the CPI. Additionally, the index looks only at public sector corruption but the private sector plays a significant role in corruption risks for businesses.”

Laura Sayer/GAN Integrity:

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