Pakistan financial integrity / Blockchain in Thailand / Hong Kong denies influence

Fighting corruption through strengthening financial integrity: Reflections on Pakistan’s experience (Blog).  “Based on our current research that examines the role of Pakistan’s financial system in preventing the laundering of the proceeds of grand corruption, we suggest that bolstering financial integrity in source countries of corruption-related financial flows is integral to law enforcement efforts, indispensable to building a sustainable domestic anti-corruption framework, and a necessary first line of defence against corruption and capital flight.”

Tom Keatinge and Anton Moiseienko/Public Administration Review:


Blockchain tech seen as a tool to curb corruption.  Thai experts and social entrepreneurs have placed high hopes on benefiting from the advanced blockchain technology that would be able to, for example, be used with asset declarations or public procurement-related information to enhance the transparency, as well as be used to promote good governance in private sector.

Jintana Panyaarvudh/The Nation


Departing Hong Kong anti-graft director rejects suggestions of Beijing interference in ICAC’s operations.  The outgoing investigation chief of Hong Kong’s graft-buster, Richy Yu Chun-cheong, has rejected any notion of interference by mainland Chinese authorities in the operations of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) amid increasing cross-border ties, insisting checks and balances on its work are stronger than ever.

Chris Lau/South China Morning Post

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