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Communicating with SMEs on anti-corruption (Blog).  “Our experience clearly emphasises that the effectiveness of communications is much greater, when written materials are supplemented with face-to-face training/mentoring for small groups of SMEs, especially when the trainers/mentors are themselves from business and can discuss the issues in practical business language.”

Brook Horowitz and Jan Dauman/Public Administration Review:


NAB to create public awareness against corruption.  Pakistan National Accountability Bureau Khyber Pakhtunkhwa director general Farmanullah Khan asked the provincial government to arrange awareness sessions and public events across the province, especially in the tribal districts, to mark Dec 9 as the Anti-Corruption Day.



Anti-graft authorities to inspect financial firms.  The inspections were a response to incidents of misconduct in banks and securities regulators such as intentionally overselling stocks and faking official seals to illegally approve insider dealing, Chinese analysts said.

Xu Hailin/Global Times:

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