Indonesia open contracting / Korea test scandal / WEF Judicial Independence

Developer-to-Developer Mentorship in Bandung, Indonesia: A Blueprint for Open Contracting Success (Blog).  “As of November 2018, Bandung City has published around 40,000 procurements from the past 3 years, and [Development Gateway is] glad to be a part of the process.”

Andrew Mandelbaum and Mihai Postelnicu/Development Gateway:


Cheating scandal erupts as South Korean students face their toughest test.  In a statement, the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education said the case "damages the absolute value of academic achievement, which is fairness. It is a serious incident of corruption which crumbles the people's trust in public education."

Jake Kwon/CNN:


Judicial Independence in Asia.  The judicial system in Japan ranked highest in Asia, and is considered to be free from the influences of the government, a significant evidence of the uncorrupt political system, according to the World Economic Forum executive opinion survey.

The Nation:


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