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UTCC survey finds corruption ebbing.  According to the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce’s biannual Corruption Situation Index survey, Thailand improved in the first half of the year, thanks in part to the government taking serious action with respect to the temple funds embezzlement scandal and irregularities in an embezzlement-hit welfare fund intended to help poor students.

Phusadee Arunmas/Bangkok Post:


Corruption and Gender Inequality in the Age of #MeToo (Blog).  “Fatafta [Transparency International’s regional advisor] highlighted how the UNCAC views corruption through an economic lens and fails to address its human rights and gender components.”

Caroline Bettinger-Lopez, Rebecca Hughes and Rachel Vogelstein/Council on Foreign Relations:


How tariffs and corruption can ruin a growing economy (Analysis).  According to a new analysis of five-plus decades of economic data and history, the most effective way to sabotage economic growth is often as easy as increasing tariffs and playing favorites among industries and companies – and corruption.

Andrew Van Dam/The Washington Post:

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