KPK intensifies fight / Climate finance governance / Nepal open government

Indonesia’s Independent Corruption Fighters Intensify Their War.  Feared and hated by many elites in a country notorious for systemic corruption, KPK took on the major bribery case in city of Malang at a time when it is under political attack and potentially at risk of being curtailed by proposed wide-ranging changes to the criminal code.

Max Walden/VOA:


Ensuring that climate funds reach those in need.  Based on the principles of transparency, accountability and participation, the Climate Adaptation Finance Governance standards can be applied to any climate project around the world.

Transparency International:


Toward open governance (Commentary).  “These fresh and active [public officials serving their first terms in office] are ideal for catalyzing sustainable and effective mechanisms of accountability, anti-corruption, and reciprocal communication and information sharing between the local and central level.”

Narayan Adhikari/My Republica:


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