Pacific Anti-Corruption Updates (22 September 2018): Samoa, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Nauru, Fiji

Inconvenient Realities: Climate Change And The South Pacific (Op-Ed).  Samoa, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, she said with soothing corruption, would be added to Australia’s Pacific Labour Scheme, nothing less than a traditional, extracting incentive for the Australian economy.



Samoa minster retracts statement about CEO's sacking. Samoa's Minister for Public Works, Transport and Infrastructure, Papalii Niko Lee Hang, has retracted his statement made to local media which claimed that the Ministry's CEO had been sacked.


Chief executive of Samoa works ministry sacked. The minister said the basis of the termination was poor management and a breach of contract.



Former Vanuatu MPs granted bail.  Former Vanuatu MPs granted bail. Sebastien Harry, Paul Telukluk, Arnold Prasad and Jean-Yves Chabod were jailed in August for perverting the course of justice.



MP calls Solomons policy on extractive industries inadequate.  The Solomons Star reported Aoke MP Mathew Wale saying the longer the inadequacies remain, the more resources the country and landowners will lose.



Company linked to alleged bribery in Nauru received refugee housing contract. It's been revealed a company linked to the alleged bribery of officials in Nauru received a contract to build refugee housing on the island.

Australian businessman accused of bribing Nauru officials. An Australian businessman with extensive interests on Nauru has been charged with conspiring to bribe officials there.



Money Laundering Two Await High Court Fate. Three assessors in the case of two women charged with money laundering involving almost half a million dollars have returned a guilty opinion in the High Court in Suva.

Temo dishes heavy sentence to former PTC duo. Two women who laundered $582,244.82 from Pacific Theological College in Suva were sentenced by the High Court in Suva today.



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