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Govt spends $1.6 million per month to pay officials convicted of graft.  The National Civil Service Agency revealed that of the 2,674 civil servants that were convicted of corruption, 317 were dishonorably dismissed, meaning the remaining 2,357 are still active as civil servants and, therefore, still get a monthly salary.

The Jakarta Post:


Integrity Pacts: A Contractual Approach to Facilitate Civic Monitoring of Public Procurement (Blog).  “So long as [the Independent External Monitors] have a clear mandate, rights, and obligations, and the necessary expertise, they can ensure greater transparency and accountability in the procurement process.”

Helen Jiang/The Global Anticorruption Blog:


Pakistan to expose corruption with whistle-blower policy.  The government has formed an ambitious taskforce comprising officials of the Federal Investigation Agency and National Accountability Bureau to enforce an anti-corruption rule that would offer a 20 per cent reward to informers who help recover ill-gotten wealth stashed abroad by fellow Pakistanis while keeping the informants’ names confidential.

Sana Jamal/Gulf News:

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