Pacific Anti-Corruption Updates (8 September 2018): Nauru, Fiji, PNG, Solomon Islands


Pacific leaders assert common values and strength. Pacific Leaders meeting in Nauru this week are expected to send a strong signal to new and emerging global powers entering the region to 'toe the line' on common issues that are dear to them - like climate change and ocean conservation and management.

Corruption, incompetence and a musical: Nauru's cursed history.  A series of corrupt and incompetent governments found extravagant and spectacular ways to lose the country’s wealth, including, notoriously, funding a disastrous West End musical based on the life of Leonardo da Vinci.

Nauru: a nation in democratic freefall propped up by Australia. The Australian federal police has confirmed to Guardian Australia that an investigation into bribery allegations involving the president Baron Waqa, the justice minister David Adeang and a Gold Coast phosphate company, Getax, remains ongoing.

Morrison all gong and very little dinner at Pacific island summit. The bold rhetoric of recent months about Australia rediscovering Papua New Guinea and the Pacific islands is looking hollow as the island leaders gather for their annual summit



Father And Son Charged For Corruption.  A father and son appeared in the Lautoka Magistrates Court last Friday charged with various corruption-related offences.

Former Diplomat Charged.  A former employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs appeared in the Suva Magistrates Court today facing four (4) different corruption-related charges.

Former Fiji Public Trustee staff pleads guilty to 11 counts of corruption. A former Estate Officer for Fiji Public Trustee Corporation Limited appeared in the Suva Magistrates Court this morning on corruption-related charges.

High Rise Worry. Government is taking a proactive approach in ensuring all processes are followed in the construction of the 28-storey WG Friendship Plaza currently being built along McGregor Road in Suva.

Adi Narayan Wants To Focus On Good Governance, Youth And Women. Sodelpa provisional candidate, Adi Narayan, believes the party will deliver good governance and a corruption-free Government. Mr Narayan is a qualified accountant and hotelier having worked in the tourism industry for the past 20 years.

Fijian woman yet to face court over human trafficking.  A woman wanted in Fiji is yet to return from Australia to face charges over trafficking workers from Fiji to New Zealand.



Policemen arrested for armed robbery attempted murder.  The Metropolitan Commander said the arrest, detention and charging of these two policemen shows the Constabulary’s commitment in the fight against police abuse and corruption, which remains a concern to the government and citizens of Papua New Guinea.



Stiffer penalities for election offences introduced in Solomons. The recently revised Electoral Act in the Solomon Islands has significantly increased penalties for election related offences.

Commonwealth Acknowledges Solomon Government's Achievements.  Meanwhile, the Secretary General also congratulated the Prime Minister and his Government for passing the Anti-Corruption Bill, Whistle-Blowers Bill and the recent passing of the Electoral Reform Bill.

Awareness program kicks off in MOI.  “and the awareness talks will be conducted by TSI and SIDT mainly around issues of corruption, governance and TSI will make people aware of what and how the government is using and spending funds as well as misusing the funds as well how people can hold them accountable for such actions.”

Senior Agriculture officer arrested in latest Janus catch.  “Task force Janus officers arrested and interviewed a 45-year old man who is a public servant at the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and charged him in relation to an offence of official corruption contrary to Section 91 (b) of the Solomon Islands Penal Code,” he said.

More serious cyber crimes expected for Solomon Islands.  The challenges of Cyber Crime will be more acute for Solomon Islands as the country expects its first ever undersea cable by the end of next year.



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