Daily Corruption News - Transparency International (25 March 2015)

25 March 2015
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South Africa: South Africa corruption fears grow
Financial Times (TI mention)
When the call came from a senior official at a state-owned company, the South African businessman was nervous.

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Global: China gives list to US of 'corrupt' officials it would like sent back
Australia: Australian companies failing to report suspected corruption
Sydney Morning Herald (TI mention)
Chile: Chile Transparente propone diversificación en financiamiento de partidos políticos (Chile Transparente proposes diversification of political party funding)                                                                                                                        
El Mercurio (TI mention)
Nigeria: Money rules Nigeria elections as lawmakers out-earn Obama
Romania: Senators vote to not lift lawmaker's immunity in graft probe
Associated Press
Ukraine: Two Ukrainian officials arrested on television for suspected corruption

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Web feature: Corruption costs: Nigeria’s vital election agenda
On the blog: Bribery: ‘redesign public services to cut risk’

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