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Come clean on assets (Editorial).  “The plan by Future Forward Party leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit to voluntarily transfer his assets to a so-called “blind trust” prior to becoming an MP is a welcome move, even though it is no magic bullet to avoid potential conflicts of interest.”

Bangkok Post:


5 Emerging Lessons from new research into Empowerment and Accountability in Messy Places (Blog).  “Synthesizing dozens, of papers, articles etc. (academics sure do pile up the wordcount), John Gaventa identified 5 lessons from the research, with implications for DFID and other donors…”

Duncan Green/Oxfam Blogs:


Nepali bureaucrats regularly asked for ‘their cut’ from Melamchi contractor, Italian officials say.  Rampant corruption, regular demands for commission by government officials, and labyrinthine bureaucratic hassles forced the Italian contractor to abandon the Melamchi Water Supply Project, throwing the national pride project that is close to completion into uncertainty once again, an investigation has revealed.

Chandan Kumar Mandal/The Kathmandu Post:


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