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How video can empower communities and be a tool for change (Blog/Resource).  "InsightShare and Transparency International launched a guidebook on how to plan, produce and create impact with participatory video. Combatting Corruption Through Participatory Video: A Guide for Practitioners is the result of 10 years of collaboration between the two organisations on projects with citizens worldwide, and it's free to download now."

Chris Lunch/Transparency International:


Anti-corruption in the OGP: new year, new opportunities (Blog).  "For the past three years we have been collaborating to ensure that the [Open Government Partnership] — as an implementing mechanism of policy reform — includes ambitious reforms in national action plans that seek to enhance the ability of governments to prevent, detect and sanction corruption."

Jose Maria Marin/Transparency International:


Japanese road builders face record price-fixing fine.  Japan's Fair Trade Commission will impose a fine totaling nearly 60 billion yen on Maeda Road Construction Co and seven other major road paving material companies for forming an illegal cartel to raise the price of asphalt, thus inflating the cost of public spending on roads and wasting taxpayers' money.

Japan Today:

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