Vietnam crackdown / Hong Kong legislation change / Indonesia online apps

Vietnam widens crackdown on corruption-contaminated public sector. What's next? (commentary)  "In a country where many anti-corruption measures have been dismissed as window dressing, back-to-back critical developments in a week appear to exhibit the political will of Vietnam's higher echelons to restore shattered public trust in the anti-graft drive."
Dien Luong/VN Express International:

Hong Kong graft-buster calls for more power to probe misconduct at highest levels.  Anti-corruption watchdog says a change in legislation is necessary as current law makes it tough for officers to gather evidence of alleged wrongdoing by officials
Chris Lau/South China Morning Post:

Indonesian anti-corruption agency urges local, regional governments to use online apps to prevent corruption.  Aldiansyah Nasution, Deputy of Prevention of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), said it is time for government agencies to use online systems to prevent corruption practices, as set forth in the integrated corruption prevention action plan.
Netral News:

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