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e-Request: Examples of asset declaration. AP-INTACT members are invited to share with UNDP India, which is responding to a request from the Indian Government, for examples from other countries on asset declaration by public officials/public servants and by Members of Parliament/Members of State Legislature, judiciary – specifically how assets are declared, in what form (electronic, etc.) and what details are provided (moveable, immovable assets, other types).  This information will help inform the guidelines being developed for implementation of the anti-corruption legislation, Lok Pal Act.

Please email your examples of asset declaration to

Thank you to Sumeeta Banerji, UNDP India, for sharing this information.

TI’s Database of London Anticorruption Summit Commitments.  "Last May’s London Anticorruption Summit seems a long time ago now, given everything that’s happened in the intervening months (especially Brexit and the resulting downfall of David Cameron, who convened the Summit in the first place)."

Matthew Stephenson/Global Anticorruption Blog:

New Anti-Corruption Training Workshops for Enterprises in Vietnam.  The workshops -- “Practical Steps for Dealing with Corruption” -- have been produced by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce (VCCI) in partnership with IBLF Global. The workshops are aimed at enterprise owners and senior managers and are free-of-charge. Vietnamese companies can find out more about the workshops on the VCCI website and can register on line or call Xuân Thị Bích Đinh at VCCI in Hanoi on 0988176878 or 0435743492. To receive more information about the workshops in English please email

Thank you to Brook Horowitz, IBLF Global, for sharing this information.

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