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A new strategy and a bold new look. How we plan to power up public contracting everywhere (Blog).  "So our new strategy is framed around a shift from transparency to transformation. Bringing those favorable elements together more consistently and seizing on opportunities where reforms can jump scale and get to systemic impact."

Gavin Hayman/Open Contracting Partnership:


OGP Summit: Fighting corruption and promoting inclusion — this is how (Blog).  "1. Make beneficial ownership information open to all….2. Ensure that politicians work for all and not only for some…3. Strengthen voices of the underrepresented, especially those of women."

Jose Maria Marin/Voices for Transparency:


Military Corruption is Being Handled Internally: Military Spokesperson.  Myanmar's military said it has taken action against corrupt military officials through its own internal mechanisms, fending off complaints about their immunity to prosecution from the government's anti-graft body. Information on the cases which have been dealt with, however, has not been disclosed.

San Yamin Aung/The Irrawaddy:

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