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Corruption: I consume, therefore I am (Opinion).  “Many corruption cases have shown that suspects have the problem of excessive consumerism. Many scholars argue that consumerism and corruption are intertwined, in that they mutually cause one another.”

Hendi Yogi Prabowo/The Jakarta Post:


Who owns a bribe? And why it matters (Blog).  “Not every party to UNCAC need buy into the legal fiction of a constructive trust.  But all should have bribe ownership laws that produce the same result in asset recovery cases. This would ensure the speedy recovery of bribe proceeds and that recovery could be had from anyone to whom the proceeds were gratuitously transferred.”

Rick Messick/The Global Anticorruption Blog:


Exams for company directors planned in Modi corruption crackdown.  Narendra Modi, who recently won a second term as India’s prime minister, is looking to overhaul the nation’s corporate governance system that allowed a string of frauds to mar his first stint in office.

Bloomberg/The Edge Markets:

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