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Why Samsung's Recent Conviction Will Not Rid South Korea of Chaebols (commentary).  "Why is it that South Korea seems to lack the political will not only to dismantle the chaebols, but even to hold Samsung (and other large chaebols) accountable for corrupt activities?"

Janie Ponder/Global Anticorruption Blog:

Philippines' Duterte sanctions corruption prober after bank records 'leak'.  Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte punished an anti-graft prosecutor suspected of leaking his bank records on Monday (Jan 29) after an opposition politician had accused Duterte of corruption.

Channel News Asia:

Vietnamese deputy PM says mechanisms needed to prevent corruption.  He underlined the need to improve the efficiency of the fight against organised, economic and high-tech crimes, dangerous gangs, terrorism, human trafficking, money laundering, smuggling, counterfeit products, child abuse and corruption, asking ministries and agencies to deploy measures to deal with criminals who flee abroad. 


Vietnam Plus:

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