Art of bureaucraft / Citizen voice failure / Technology for accountability

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The art of 'bureaucraft': Why and how bureaucrats respond to citizen voice.  The aim of this research briefing is to highlight some of the more prominent issues related to bureaucratic responsiveness, particularly in relation to a 'willingness to respond'. 

Anuradha Joshi & Rhiannon McCluskey/OpenDocs:

Addressing failure in ICT-enabled 'citizen voice – government responsiveness' interventions: unpacking core assumptions and essential components.  this paper draws on three comparative studies of a range of 'citizen voice–government responsiveness interventions' from the Making All Voices Count portfolio. 

Vanessa Herringshaw/OpenDocs:

Appropriating technology for accountability: messages from Making All Voices Count.  This synthesis report shares 14 key messages on the roles technologies can play in enabling citizen voice and accountable and responsive governance. 

Rosemary McGee, Duncan Edwards, Hannah Hudson, Colin Anderson, & Francesca Feruglio/OpenDocs:

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