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COMMENTARY: Indonesian Courts in ‘Emergency Situation’, President Urged to Deal with Corrupt Judges.  "President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo is being urged to tackle and eradicate corruption at Indonesia’s court system by issuing a presidential regulation. There is a growing call that the President issue a government regulation in lieu of law (Perppu), targeting to discipline court judges and other court officials."
Leo Jegho/Global Indonesian Voices:

COMMENTARY: [Australia needs] a national plan to fight corruption at the heart of [it's] political system.  "It is well past time that Australia's political parties committed to another attempt at reform. It is telling that, as the scandals pile up, no major party has put forward a holistic vision for fixing the system. The answer lies in a new federal law based upon the NSW model, overseen by a national anti-corruption agency. Without these, we can expect the soft corruption that lies at the heart of our political system to continue."
George Williams, Anthony Mason Professor of law at the University of New South Wales/The Sydney Morning Herald:

INFO: ‘Afghanistan to witness launch of anti-corruption machine’.  Attorney General Farid Hamidi said Afghanistan will witness an anti-corruption machine launch to start a major fight against the growing corruption in the country.
Khaama Press:

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